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During our many years of residential cleaning experience at Brier Creek Cleaning Service, we have noticed that the kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms of a house to clean. Cooking oils, spills, waste from vegetables, meats, etc., can leave behind grime that’s tough to clean over time. Usually, soap and water aren’t enough to remove this sticky residue, and we’ve tried several soaps and cleaning liquids over the years to identify a suitable option.

However, when we tried the Kitchen Makeup Cleaner and Polish, we knew we’d found our breakthrough product. The Kitchen Makeup Cleaner and Polish works wonders on several surfaces and is super simple and easy to use. It loosens up grime relatively quickly and makes the clean up effortless.

The Kitchen Makeup Cleaner and Polish can be used on stainless steel, cooktops, cookware, ceramics, glass doors, and several other surfaces in your kitchen. Besides these, it is even used in the bathroom to clean your bathtubs, toilets, and tiled walls. It’s safe and effective on outdoor grill exteriors as well. 

To get the most out of the Kitchen Makeup Cleaner and Polish, make sure you stir the product before use. After this, with a wet cloth, take a little of the cleaning product and apply it to the surface you want to clean. Rub the product thoroughly onto the chosen surface, especially the grime stains. After the product is applied, rinse your cloth and clean the surface until the product is removed completely. Once this is done, you’ll be left with a bright and clean kitchen that’s as good at new.

If you’d like to try this cleaning product for yourself, head over to or give us a call at (919) 618-1979, as it is one of our own products, and we’d be happy to enlighten you more about it. The Kitchen Makeup Cleaner and Polish is one of the easiest cleaning solutions available in the market, and it works incredibly well against grime and challenging stains. To see just how effective it is, all you need to do is test it for yourself.

In case you need more cleaning assistance, reach out to us at Brier Creek Cleaning Service. We are an office and house cleaning company in Raleigh, NC, and we are fully insured and experienced in this line of work. Moreover, we specialize in several areas of cleaning. We are a family-owned business, and we bring our family values of honesty and integrity to our business so you can rest assured knowing that you will receive exactly what you were promised.

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